Rainy days and Sundays….

One thought on “Rainy days and Sundays….”

  1. I often think of people sitting at their desks hoping come Friday the weekend weather will be sunny and bright. I hope so for them, but then what can I do about the weather? Thankfully, rain is purposeful. I don’t know what the flowers and the trees and the grass would do without it. Well, yes I do. They wouldn’t do anything as pretty as is happening now.

    Yep! It’s rained a lot here in my neck of the woods too. Nature is gorgeous in the spring time isn’t it?!

    At least you’re honest about what you wouldn’t do if it wasn’t raining. Yet, you accepted it, and got some things accomplished that now are not going to be on your mind while you’re out on the many sunny weekends to come having a super fantastic time. Good on you!!!

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