Childhood, the days of carefree existence; wake up and the most difficult decision of the day would be Tony Tiger or Sam the Toucan.  Puddle jumping, frog catching, bike riding bliss.  Endless summer days filled with sunburn, chlorine, and sticky fingers.  Bitterly cold winter days filled with snowmen, rosy checks, and hot cocoa.  Simplicity at … Continue reading Childhood


Going through my old emails today, I found the eulogy I had written for my mom, and thought I would share………………….. As I sit here trying to compose this tribute to mom, I thought I would say something about the lavish dinner parties she threw for her friends with caviar and champagne, or the times … Continue reading Remembering


Health something we take for granted until the day we no longer have it. I have been a relatively healthy person most of my life. I haven’t always taken great care of my body. In my early twenties, I experimented with a few things I never should have and that is a time in my … Continue reading Health