Anxiety, tonight I’m overcome by it. My stomach is in knots. I’m restless. My mind cannot stay focused. I feel as though I may just jump out of my skin. I hate this feeling. What I hate even more is not knowing where it came from. Sometimes I think I may be channeling someone close … Continue reading Anxiety


Addiction, the mere word causes my throat to constrict, my heart to palpitate, my eyes to fill. Being an addict is devastating; loving one can be just as disastrous.   This story begins approximately 38 years ago.  A college freshman, away from home for the first time, meets a local boy in a bar, and is instantly intrigued.  His shoulder … Continue reading Addiction

New vs. Old

New versus old, how does this relate to relationships? My very intelligent son once said to me, “every relationship gets old mom”, just as every relationship is new at some point. Ah the feeling of a relationship that is in its early stages. The “honeymoon” stage as it is often called. Everything is exciting and … Continue reading New vs. Old


Why are people so angry? During break this morning I witnessed such incredible anger from a co-worker. It was horrible and sad, and disheartening. It was spewed like venom from her mouth and to be honest, I was embarrassed, mortified, and extremely uncomfortable. Her pretty face was no longer pretty as it contorted into an … Continue reading Anger


Today I’d like to speak about faith. One of my favorite quotes is “Feed your faith, and your fears will starve.” I love it so much I have it tattooed on my body as a reminder to myself. Some people may fear death; others may fear life or poverty, or failure. There certainly are enough … Continue reading Faith


Today is Friday. From the moment I stepped into the lobby at work this morning, until the time I punched out, I’ve been sporadically reminded of that. At precisely 7:00 A.M. I greeted the security guard at the front desk and he said, “You made it, happy Friday, finally”. I then proceeded to climb the … Continue reading Friday