Addiction, the mere word causes my throat to constrict, my heart to palpitate, my eyes to fill. Being an addict is devastating; loving one can be just as disastrous.   This story begins approximately 38 years ago.  A college freshman, away from home for the first time, meets a local boy in a bar, and is instantly intrigued.  His shoulder … Continue reading Addiction


Childhood, the days of carefree existence; wake up and the most difficult decision of the day would be Tony Tiger or Sam the Toucan.  Puddle jumping, frog catching, bike riding bliss.  Endless summer days filled with sunburn, chlorine, and sticky fingers.  Bitterly cold winter days filled with snowmen, rosy checks, and hot cocoa.  Simplicity at … Continue reading Childhood

Off the grid

So much has happened since my last post. A diagnosis of ankylosis spondylitis, the sudden death of my mother in law, brother and cousin, my son moving out, my daughter ending a long term relationship and suddenly having to manage a house and career alone, it’s truly been a challenging time. It started with the … Continue reading Off the grid