New vs. Old

New versus old, how does this relate to relationships? My very intelligent son once said to me, “every relationship gets old mom”, just as every relationship is new at some point. Ah the feeling of a relationship that is in its early stages. The “honeymoon” stage as it is often called. Everything is exciting and … Continue reading New vs. Old


Going through my old emails today, I found the eulogy I had written for my mom, and thought I would share………………….. As I sit here trying to compose this tribute to mom, I thought I would say something about the lavish dinner parties she threw for her friends with caviar and champagne, or the times … Continue reading Remembering


Health something we take for granted until the day we no longer have it. I have been a relatively healthy person most of my life. I haven’t always taken great care of my body. In my early twenties, I experimented with a few things I never should have and that is a time in my … Continue reading Health


Why are people so angry? During break this morning I witnessed such incredible anger from a co-worker. It was horrible and sad, and disheartening. It was spewed like venom from her mouth and to be honest, I was embarrassed, mortified, and extremely uncomfortable. Her pretty face was no longer pretty as it contorted into an … Continue reading Anger

Just be me

I was born in 1961 which makes me soon to be 57 years old. Most of my life I have struggled with what it means to just be me. Growing up I can remember wanting to be my older sister (yes you Ann, I know you are reading this). She was so cool, and being … Continue reading Just be me


Intimidation The mere word intimidates me! To feel intimidated “It implies inducing fear or a sense of inferiority into another.” On Thursday, as I pack for a yoga retreat I will be attending over the weekend, the last thing I feel is intimidated. I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit anxious, curious and excited, … Continue reading Intimidation