Slump, the mere definition…. to sink or fall heavily and suddenly, sounds so daunting, yet at one time or another we all fall victim to it. This past week I have been in a slump. I’m not too sure what brought it on, and I wish at this point, I knew what it would take … Continue reading Slump


Today I’d like to speak about faith. One of my favorite quotes is “Feed your faith, and your fears will starve.” I love it so much I have it tattooed on my body as a reminder to myself. Some people may fear death; others may fear life or poverty, or failure. There certainly are enough … Continue reading Faith


This is such difficult subject for me! When I was in junior high school, and subsequently during high school, I was very thin. When I got married for the first time, at age 19, I was 98 pounds and about 5 feet 4 inches tall. I NEVER gained weight! It didn’t help that I was … Continue reading Weight


Today is Friday. From the moment I stepped into the lobby at work this morning, until the time I punched out, I’ve been sporadically reminded of that. At precisely 7:00 A.M. I greeted the security guard at the front desk and he said, “You made it, happy Friday, finally”. I then proceeded to climb the … Continue reading Friday


Jealousy, I’ve never quite gotten the concept and as with many other things, I really have to thank my mom for that. One of the first lessons my mom taught me was about the emotion called jealousy. She taught me that jealousy was very dangerous, and how I needed to avoid it at all costs. … Continue reading Jealousy

Want vs. Need

What do I want versus what do I need? Wants and needs, clearly two very different concepts. This topic came to me as I perused my closet this morning searching for something to wear to work. I have always loved clothes. My mom loved clothes, and as I child I remember her sewing a lot … Continue reading Want vs. Need

A little push

Today hasn’t been a particularly great day, the weather again, snowy, windy, cold. I don’t necessarily hate the snow, it’s such a strong word, but after Christmas it just seems like a huge nuisance. It’s March 13th, and I am more than ready for spring.  The warmer temperatures, longer nights, bulbs starting to emerge from … Continue reading A little push