Want vs. Need

What do I want versus what do I need? Wants and needs, clearly two very different concepts. This topic came to me as I perused my closet this morning searching for something to wear to work. I have always loved clothes. My mom loved clothes, and as I child I remember her sewing a lot … Continue reading Want vs. Need

A little push

Today hasn’t been a particularly great day, the weather again, snowy, windy, cold. I don’t necessarily hate the snow, it’s such a strong word, but after Christmas it just seems like a huge nuisance. It’s March 13th, and I am more than ready for spring.  The warmer temperatures, longer nights, bulbs starting to emerge from … Continue reading A little push


Today I’m feeling a bit sad. I’m not sure why. No reasonable explanation. Nothing untoward happened to make me feel this way. I realize that sadness sometimes just “happens”. Sometimes you cannot pinpoint an exact event or circumstance that makes you feel sad. Is it the time change, and losing an hours’ worth of sleep? … Continue reading Sadness


During my early days of self-reflection through counseling, my therapist and I addressed a concern she had with my inability to accept a compliment. Frankly, I wasn’t even aware this was a problem. The first time she noticed I might have a problem, was when she made a comment about how lovely my hair looked … Continue reading Compliments


I fill conversations, it’s what I do. Sometimes I am so anxious to fill that voided space I know is coming, I forget to listen to what comes before. The art of listening, piece of cake! But is it really? I believe some people are instinctively blessed with the ability to listen, some not so … Continue reading Listening


Laughter, what could be more uplifting? Remember the very first time you heard a baby laugh, what an incredible sound!  Whether it’s a deep belly laugh, a small giggle, or a hearty chuckle, it moves most of us in a way nothing else can.  One of the greatest gifts is the ability to laugh at … Continue reading Laughter